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Digital Token (NFT) Membership – Frequently Asked Questions

What is spongelii’s approach to digital learning?
Spongelii offers a fresh perspective on digital learning by providing LIVE engaging and immersive experiences within a 3D virtual space known as the SpatialWeb.

How does the Digital Token (NFT) membership benefit me?
By owning a digital membership, you not only gain access to our immersive learning platform but also receive a unique digital collectible created in collaboration with renowned artists. Additionally, membership holders can access future benefits and offerings from both spongelii and its commercial partners. This membership acts as both an access pass and a gateway to extensive benefit rewards and VIP opportunities.

What makes the memberships at spongelii unique?
Our memberships set themselves apart by seamlessly blending the world of Digital Tokens (NFTs) with immersive 3D learning. Unlike many other virtual events that accommodate a large and often overwhelming number of attendees, spongelii limits its events to 30-50 participants, depending on the nature of the topic. This ensures attendees can fully engage with speakers and have an enriching experience without the chaos of overcrowded sessions.

When can members start attending these digital sessions?
Our series of events will be available for members starting from October 2023 and will continue throughout 2024. Members will receive regular updates via spongelii’s newsletter.

What kinds of professionals can we expect to learn from?
We have a diverse range of experts lined up, from fields like The Movie Entertainment Industry – CGI /VFX, Entrepreneurship/StartUps, Digital Media, Education, Technology, Publishing, Healthcare and many others. We currently have a lineup of more than 10 international experts from a diverse array of professional fields, and we’re continuously working to expand this lineup as we progress.

Do I need special equipment to experience the 3D virtual environment?
No, all you need is a standard computer or tablet with an internet connection. However, the environment also can be accessed via VR headsets such as META-QuestVR.

How frequently will these events occur?
Events will be scheduled throughout the period from September 2023 to 2024. Exact frequencies and dates will be provided to members in advance.

Is there a limit to how many events a member can attend?
No, once you’re a member, you have access to all events from 2023 to 2024.

I am interested, How can I get my own NFT?
Simply head to our spongelii membership site on Opensea:, choose the membership tier that suits you best and follow the steps to obtain your unique spongelii Digital Token (NFT)-membership.

Can I access previous sessions if I miss them live?
Yes, recordings of previous sessions will be available for members to view at their convenience.”

Is there customer support if I have issues accessing the virtual environment or with my Digital Token (NFT)?
Absolutely! Our support team is always ready to assist you. Simply reach out to

If I face any issues during the live event in the virtual environment, what should I do?
We have designated ushers within the virtual environment during live events to assist attendees in navigating. Additionally, our support team is always available. Simply reach out to for assistance.

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