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Spongelii has developed an innovative “Virtual Vault” EcoSolution that leverages Blockchain technology to offer a revolutionary approach to education. The solution combines simplicity, security, and verifiable credentials to provide learners with seamless access to physical and virtual learning spaces and content in the Metaverse. This robust and dynamic-secure EcoSolution offers effortless access.

The “Virtual Vault” EcoSolution fosters a strong learning community and alumni ownership, resulting in a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between learners and educators. Our NFT-based “Virtual Vault” EcoSolution is an innovative approach that transforms the traditional education system.

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Spongelii’s blockchain-based “Virtual Vault” offers secure, unique digital identities, ensuring easily verifiable life- long portfolio of credentials for learners.

Seamless learning access

The EcoSolution enables effortless access to gated physical, and virtual learning spaces, and Metaverse content, promoting continuous learning experiences.

Community engagement

Spongelii’s “Virtual Vault” EcoSolution fosters strong learner-educator relationships and alumni involvement, transforming traditional education systems.

Metaverse Education Revolution

With spongelii you can experience groundbreaking, immersive learning with experts from diverse fields, expanding your horizons in a captivating LIVE Metaverse environment.

NFT-Powered Events

Attend exclusive, one-of-a-kind token gated LIVE events leveraging NFT technology, making learning both entertaining and valuable like never before.

NFT for Steve Spaz  Williams Event
Steve Spaz  Williams and Moderator

Learning Experience

Join a global community of knowledge-seekers and specialists, converging in the Metaverse to share insights and enrich your immersive learning experience.

Upcoming Talk Series

Learn from the Industry Pioneers.

Immerse yourself in our captivating LIVE Talk Series within the Metaverse, featuring entertainment, education and entrepreneurial industry pioneers. Gain insights from the brightest minds as they share their career journeys and valuable experiences.

Spaz Talk with attendees
April 30 2023

Talk Series: Jurassic Park

Join our exclusive LIVE Metaverse Talk with the legendary pioneer Steve “Spaz” Williams, pioneering dinosaur animator and visual effects wizard from Jurassic Park. Dive into the behind-the-scenes magic of creating this groundbreaking movie and gain invaluable insights from Spaz’s expertise in the world of animation and visual effects. 

Metaverse group exploring the Gallery
June 2023

Talk Series: Terminator 2

Step into the Metaverse for an immersive LIVE Talk on the making of Terminator 2, featuring insights from industry expert Steve “Spaz” Williams. Explore the groundbreaking visual effects and innovative techniques that brought this iconic sci-fi film to life. Get a rare close-up glimpse into the creative process and learn from the masters behind this cinematic masterpiece. 

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Shape the future of delivering education in the Metaverse  with us.

Spongelii believes NFTs offer the potential to revolutionize the way we administer academic achievements, credentials and records. By leveraging Blockchain technology, we are creating a secure, future-proof decentralized EcoSolution for storing and verifying student records, digital textbooks, and learning experiences. Our unique Web3 solution will allow academic institutions to open up alternative opportunities to connect the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and access gated LIVE education and entertainment Metaverse environments.

If this pioneering journey is of interest, we would like to hear from you.

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