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Who is spongelii

We are a tech company reshaping social learning with SpatialWeb powered on the Blockchain. Recognizing that exceptional learning hinges on quality content, we’ve onboarded top industry experts to facilitate dynamic engaging learning experiences in spongelii’s immersive world.

Our Digital Token (NFT) Memberships, available on OpenSea, serve as both an entry to these unique events and a collectible digital asset, given their exclusivity and rising demand. Join the spongelii community for an unmatched journey at the epicentre of education and technology.

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The membership

Discover spongelii’s novel approach to immersive learning. Our unique Memberships, the first of their kind, offer access to transformative social experiences within live spatial 3D immersive environments.  We have curated a series of events ready to be accessed by Members starting September 2023 to throughout 2024; showcasing leading experts from a wide array of industries, such as CGI/VFX Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Education, XR/AR, Publishing, Healthcare and many others to be announced soon.

Utilizing Blockchain technology, each Membership is represented as a distinctive Digital Token (NFT), which features creative visuals crafted in partnership with a variety of established artists. It’s not just a Membership; it’s also a unique collectible digital art asset!

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Our Digital Token (NFT) Membership offer two tiers:


Access to spongelii’s full series of live virtual events, where you are able to not just meet but engage in conversation with leading experts from multiple industries including – Entertainment/CGI/VFX, Education Digital Media, VR/AR/XR, Healthcare and more. Attendees can access using any web browser or VR headset such as Meta QuestVR.



Embrace the power of true ownership with your exclusive Digital Token (NFT) Membership – a unique, tradable asset that’s yours to safeguard, transfer, or exchange as a testament to your distinctive place in the digital universe.

As a spongelii “Member”, you receive a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) badge each time you attend an event. The Digital badge can be used to access unique benefits and perks, such as merchandize or giveaways event speakers might offer.



Access to regularly scheduled immersive adventure quests for hidden incentives in our unique spatial world. Collect items to earn exciting rewards and amazing benefits.

Ready to join?

To access our exclusive spongelii Digital Token (NFT) Membership, please visit our page on OpenSea. Then browse through the available membership options, and choose the “Tier” that suits you. Next, select for more details. Choose “Buy Now”- to confirm your transaction, and you are now a proud spongelii Member!

You now have access to our enriching learning immersive experiences and all the collectible value your unique Digital Token (NFT) offers.

How spongelii elevates learning experiences?

Content Excellence in Focus

Keeping this perspective, we’ve carefully selected an outstanding roster of industry leaders poised to present thought-provoking discussions and engaging interactive sessions provided in our SpatialWeb (Metaverse) events for 2023 and 2024.

Spatial and Immersive Learning experiences

Each industry speaker has their own dedicated 3D virtual building space that has been carefully prepared and curated to maximize spatial and immersive learning activities. Tier one Members will enjoy full access to multiple customized virtual spaces to attend learning events as scheduled.

NFT for Steve Spaz  Williams Event
Steve Spaz  Williams and Moderator

Transformative journey

We are delighted to provide our Digital Token (NFT) Membership holders with a rich, transformative journey of knowledge and engaging connections. With the caliber of speakers we have prepared for the years ahead, we’re confident that our Members will discover immense value in joining the spongelii community. So, prepare for an enlightening voyage through the realms of learning experiences and technology like never before.

Our speakers

Join pioneering creators changing how the world learns

Our industry speakers – some who are shown below are not only leaders in their respective fields, but they’re also passionate educators and mentors who are eager to share their knowledge with our members. Our immersive environments are fully customized to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences, ensuring our speakers are ready to utilize the SpatialWeb (Metaverse) to its fullest.

  • Dr. Paul Springer

    Digital Communications – University of the Arts London – UK

    Digital Communications Expert

  • Steve “Spaz” Williams

    CGI/VFX Pioneer of Major Motion Pictures California – USA

    A CGI and Visual Effects Pioneer

  • David C. Traub

    Entrepreneur, Film Producer, & Educator – USA – Lithuania

    A Film Producer & Education Expert

  • Ying (Chang) Compestine

    Award-winning Author & International Speaker California – USA

    An Awarded Author & Industry Speaker

  • Mark Schreiber

    Senior Animator at Ghost VFX Toronto – Canada

    A 3D Animation & VFX Expert

  • Andrew Spanky Grant

    Andrew “Spanky” Grant

    Lead Animator at MPC Toronto – Canada

     A Senior 3D Animation Expert

  • Yasir Almansoori

    Executive Director of MARCOMS Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) – Abu Dhabi -UAE

    A Digital Media TV Expert

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