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3D Immersive Personal Branding (IPB)

Ever dreamt of a Personal Branding experience that’s not just informative but also an exciting journey? Welcome to spongelii, where your personal brand is not just seen but experienced. Imagine a world where your professional identity leaps off the screen, inviting visitors not just to view but to step into your unique story. This is the essence of our Immersive Personal Branding (IPB) platform.

At spongelii, we understand that in today’s digital age, standing out is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve pioneered IPB, a revolutionary service that transforms your online presence into an immersive 3D experience.

With IPB, your brand becomes a dynamic, three-dimensional space where visitors can truly experience who you are and what you offer. This isn’t just a brand; it’s a digital extension of your persona, meticulously crafted to convey your unique skills and values.

Welcome to the future of Personal Branding.

How spongelii elevates Personal Branding?

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Benefits of Having IPB:

Deep Engagement:

Visitors can interact with your brand in a dynamic 3D environment, transforming passive browsing into an engaging experience.

Unique Presentation:

Stand out from the crowd with a digital space that showcases your personal brand in an innovative way.

Versatile Interaction:

Beyond a digital portfolio, your IPB can serve as a platform for meetings, networking, and real-time collaboration.

Memorable Experience:

Offer visitors not just information, but a memorable experience that solidifies your professional identity in their minds.


Tailor every aspect of your 3D space to fit your personal brand, ensuring a unique and cohesive online presence.

Why Choose spongelii?

Pioneering Technology:

We leverage cutting-edge 3D web technologies to create immersive spaces that are both impressive and functional.


Our platforms are designed with user experience in mind, ensuring your visitors can easily navigate and enjoy your immersive brand space.

Professional Expertise:

Our team of designers and developers are experts in crafting digital experiences that accurately reflect and enhance your personal brand.

Seamless Integration:

Spongelii’s IPB can seamlessly integrate with your existing online presence, enhancing your professional portfolio without replacing it.

Dedicated Support:

We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure your immersive brand space remains cutting-edge and engaging.

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Professionals Who Benefit from IPB:

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Architects, Interior Designers, and Real Estate Agents:

Enhance client experiences with immersive virtual tours of properties and projects, providing a comprehensive view beyond traditional methods.

Consultants, Speakers, and Coaches:

Stand out with dynamic presentations showcasing expertise, services, and interactive elements like workshops tailored to clients.

Entrepreneurs, Start-up Founders, Authors, and Thought Leaders:

Elevate branding with immersive storytelling, engaging potential investors, customers, and readers through personalized digital experiences.

Musicians, Performers, and Event Planners:

Offer fans and audiences interactive digital venues to explore music, performances, and events in a captivating manner.

Educators, Trainers, and Healthcare Professionals:

Transform online learning and wellness coaching with innovative platforms for interactive courses, consultations, and immersive environments.

Fashion Designers, Retailers, and Marketers:

Present collections and products in virtual fashion shows or interactive showrooms, engaging customers with immersive brand experiences.

Graphic Designers, Photographers, and Marketers:

Utilize immersive personal branding to showcase portfolios, projects, and creative works in captivating digital spaces.

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Enterprise & Government- Immersive Experience Consulting

Spongelii also delivers bespoke consultation services for enterprise and government entities aiming to integrate 3D immersive experiences into their operations.

Whether it’s transforming training programs, onboarding, team building, or hosting immersive virtual events, our team is equipped to bring your most ambitious visions to life.

We offer tailored solutions that align with your brand’s values and objectives, leveraging our expertise in cutting-edge 3D technology to deliver innovative and engaging experiences for your audience.

Understanding the unique challenges that come with organizational scale, spongelii provides customizable, scalable solutions to meet your specific needs.

From the conceptualization stage through to execution, our dedicated experts are committed to ensuring the success of your organizational project, offering comprehensive support every step of the way.

To discover how spongelii can revolutionize the way your organization connects and communicates, we invite you to reach out for a detailed exploration call.

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Our Industry Experts

Join pioneering immersive personal brand creators changing how the world engages

Our industry pioneers – some who are shown below are not only leaders in their respective fields, but they’re also passionate educators and mentors who are eager to share their knowledge with our members. Our immersive environments are fully customized to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences, ensuring our experts are ready to utilize the SpatialWeb (Metaverse) to its fullest.

  • Christophe Balaresque

    Christophe Balaresque

    Award winning Author and Certified Business Coach – France
  • Dr. Paul Springer

    Dr. Paul Springer

    Digital Communications – University of the Arts London – UK
  • David C. Traub

    David C. Traub

    Entrepreneur, Film Producer, & Educator – USA – Lithuania
  • Steve Spaz Williams

    Steve “Spaz” Williams

    CGI/VFX Pioneer of Major Motion Pictures California – USA
  • Andrew Spanky Grant

    Andrew “Spanky” Grant

    Lead Animator at MPC Toronto – Canada
  • Mark Schreiber

    Mark Schreiber

    Senior Animator at Ghost VFX Toronto – Canada

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